National Projects
Project duration: 
Jul 2021 to Jun 2022


Phenology is the observation of seasonal changes in plants and animals, such as flowering, the appearance of insects and bird migration. Changes in the rhythms of nature give scientists a lot of information about the effects that variations in climate produce on natural ecosystems, so its study is of special importance in the current climate change context.

FenoTwin's main objective is to promote the culture of phenological observation among citizens as a tool for raising awareness of climate change and its effects on nature. To do this, it will promote participation in the RitmeNatura citizen observatory for the observation of phenology and will develop innovative methodologies and technologies of vegetation phenology data collection combining citizen science and remote sensing data sources.

The ultimate goal is to present the impact of climate change on nature in an understandable way and allow its follow-up through the creation of a digital twin (FenoTwin) for phenology in Catalonia. A Digital Twin or “digital twin” is the generation or collection of digital data representing a physical object. In addition to digitally representing the real state of phenology in the field (phenological map), in FenoTwin the meaning also implies combining two twin ways of studying phenology, creating a true “digital twin” built thanks to the benefits offered by both approximations. In addition, the dissemination of the effects of climate change on nature as well as the digital twin technology will be increased, especially among young people and schoolchildren.