Project duration: 
Jul 2023 to Jun 2025


The Desfake Clima initiative is a venture in climate awareness backed by the fact-checking platform Verificat and the ecological research hub, CREAF. This initiative seeks to foster a renewed cultural and educational approach to the pressing climate issues, emphasizing the importance of media literacy and informed thinking in addressing climate skepticism.

A pivotal component of this endeavor is an educational curriculum designed to elevate the understanding of climate issues among both educators and students. Participants will be equipped with valuable resources to challenge and counteract climate-related misinformation. Expertise will be drawn from seasoned journalists in fact-checking, leading researchers based in Barcelona, and CREAF's own experts on climate change. The program intends to dissect prevalent misconceptions in environmental discussions within various secondary education institutions. Questions like the sustainability of avocado consumption, the myths surrounding meat consumption, and the role of technology in climate solutions will be explored. The objective is to instigate a paradigm shift in mindset, heighten awareness among the youth, and nurture a more discerning approach to climate discourse.

The initiative will be implemented across 10 educational institutions in Barcelona annually, involving around 50 secondary school educators. The approach integrates in-person training for students and online modules for teachers via the Desfake Digital Training Platform ( Collaboratively, content will be crafted by students for digital platforms, and a dedicated network of female scientists from Barcelona will be established to mentor the students.

Verificat and CREAF envision Desfake Clima as a conduit to disseminate scientific insights, bolster evidence-based learning about climate issues, and inspire proactive engagement among Barcelona's youth and educators. This initiative also aims to fortify societal resilience against climate denial and relativism.


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