Regional Projects
Project duration: 
Jul 2022 to Jun 2023


The FenoAula project is born as a continuation of the FECYT 2020 FenoTwin project and aims to reinforce three key pillars in the will of dissemination and involvement of citizens in the phenological monitoring of climate change: citizen science (active participation of citizens in phenological science), innovation (introduction of new tools and methods in phenological observation) and the transfer of knowledge to new generations (involvement of young people in the study of climate change), all with the aim of facilitating citizen participation in the study of climate change and to increase the number of available phenological observations.

This project proposes the creation of a new generation of scientists in the classroom, to complement the phenological study carried out by society as a whole through the RitmeNatura citizen observatory. To do this, we locally work phenology at the level of a network of FenoCentros (educational centers) from an ecological and technological approach at the same time, and involving different educational competencies. On the one hand, students learn about phenology and climate change through the theory explained in the workshops and developed in practice through phenological observations; on the other hand, they learn programming languages ​​using the Scratch tool to be able to develop dynamic phenological map stories (storymaps).

These stories directly developed in the Digital Twin represent an innovative way of studying climate change since they will allow us to compare, in a visual and intuitive way, the evolution of phenology in different areas of the territory. Another of the innovations that the project presents is the development of a pilot test of phenological observation using drones, where the possibility of incorporating photographs obtained with drones for domestic use is analyzed as a possibility of
additional phenological observation.

  • FenoAula pretén formar i implicar els joves en l'observació fenològica