Project duration: 
Nov 2019 to May 2022

Characterize the High Ecological Value of Pyrenees Forests as a network of connected demonstration spaces to support the decision-making of their management and the revitalization and awareness of the actors and managers.


Forests with a high environmental value (HVE) are the last witnesses of an almost natural evolution of our territories and a major concern for the conservation of european biodiversity. They must be protected as biological legacy, for the ecosystems services they provide to territories (protection of the water resources, soils...) and for their role in the face of climate change. However, their qualification requires a dialogue, on the basis of sound scientific knowledge, between the different actors in charge of their management and their preservation, in order to reach a consensus about their interests and to ensure their consideration in the various planning instruments of the Pyrenees.


The project CONECTFOR aims at qualifying forests of high environmental value across the participating Pyrenees’ territories (based on existing works) as well as the sustainability of the network of these biodiversity reservoirs and their ecological processes. In doing so, the project will benefit to managers, land-owners and institutions who are willing to protect these areas by providing operational tools. We also plan to build a network of showcase sites for awareness-raising and teaching about the importance of a such Pyrenean green infrastructure and its management/conservation.