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European Green Deal Data Space for local air quality decisions

dimecres, febrer 7, 20249:00 - 13:00

Air quality in urban environments is a matter of public health, environmental sustainability, and fortifying the resilence of our cities against the challenges of climate change. Nowadays it is commonly shared that decision-making in this regard needs to be based on reliable data that comes from scientific sources. In this sense, the European Strategy for Data aims to create a single data market through several common European Data Spaces. One of them is the Green Deal Data Space (GDDS), adressing the three main objectives of this european deal: biodiversity conservation, water pollution and climate change.

In this event, the AD4GD project aims to show the solutions that the future GDDS can bring to air quality data exchange and how this can help to design local policies. Furthermore, we also want to listen to users needs and recollect requirements, challenges and other related issues adressing how users discover data and how this data can be accessed

The AD4GD project is a Horizon project that aims to shape the European Green Deal Data Space as an open hub for FAIR data and standards-based services that support the key priorities of pollution, biodiversity and climate change.

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