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EFI Young Leadership Programme Mediterranean 2023: Land abandonment and cultural landscapes

dimarts, octubre 3, 2023 a divendres, octubre 6, 2023 From 9 am to 6 pm

The Young Leadership Programme, Mediterranean 2023 is an specialized forum organised by the European Forest Institute and the Union for the Mediterranean and aims at providing an in-depth understanding of the complex interplay between land abandonment, Mediterranean forests, and cultural landscapes. CREAF researcher Josep Maria Espelta will speak on Tuesday 3rd October at this event, as he will take part in the scientific session Land abandonment & biodiversity together with researchers Bart Muys, from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), and José M. Rey Benayas, from the Universidad de Alcalá (Spain).

The programme will offer an overview of the key drivers and impacts of land abandonment on Mediterranean forest and cultural landscapes and explore the potential opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurship and biodiversity conservation. Participants will learn about the role of traditional ecological knowledge and the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in promoting sustainable land use practices. The programme will also examine the relationship between fire risk in the Mediterranean region and discuss the role of forest management practices in mitigating the risk of wildfires.

The Young Leadership Programme is also an opportunity for aspiring leaders to explore career options in the field of forestry and to develop soft skills. The programme gives participants the chance to explore forestry career options, learning about the various roles and opportunities available in this vital field. It also focuses on developing essential skills for success in any career, such as effective communication, time management, public speaking, and networking, as well as including elements to help stand out from the crowd, such as storytelling and photography.