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The use of Trait Based approaches in Community Ecology and Stress Ecology

dilluns, setembre 14, 2015 a divendres, setembre 25, 2015

This course aims at providing updated concepts and methodologies on the use of biological and ecological traits in Community Ecology and Stress Ecology, encompassing terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. Particular attention will be given to the use of species traits to understand ecological processes, such as niche partitioning, species interactions, community assembly and ecosystem processes, and as tools in bioindication schemes (including indication of ecosystem services and different stressors, e.g., chemicals, climate change).

The course is composed by theoretical, discussion and practical (hands-on) lectures and is targeted to scientists and post-graduate students, as well as to professionals involved in bioindication. It is composed of two complementary but independent modules:

- module 1: focus on major concepts and on terrestrial environments

- module 2: focus on freshwater systems


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