Seminari CEMFOR
Sala Polivalent
25280 Solsona
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Seminari CEMFOR “Integrating ecological models to secure the future of biodiversity across flammable continents"

dimecres, gener 20, 201611:30h

Luke Kelly és investigador postdoctoral al grup d’Ecologia del Paisatge del CTFC i serà l'encarregat d'engegar el cicle de seminaris CEMFOR amb la ponència “Integrating ecological models to secure the future of biodiversity across flammable continents – and why is there an Australian living in Solsona?"

Resum del seminari:

Fire is a natural process that shapes ecosystems worldwide. However, the frequency of fires has been modified by climate change and population growth, and inappropriate fire regimes threaten biodiversity in Australia and the Mediterranean Basin. There is an urgent need to predict the responses of biodiversity to future fires. I will present a brief overview of my work on optimal fire histories for biodiversity conservation using case studies from Australian shrubland and forest ecosystems. I will also outline some of the work I am planning with collaborators at the CTFC and CREAF with a focus on Mediterranean ecosystems. This includes developing a suite of models and tools that will enhance our capacity to design and evaluate alternative fire management strategies in Australian and Mediterranean landscapes. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I will be answering the question ‘Why is there an Australia living in Solsona?”.

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Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC)