The Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) Individual Fellowships offer fellowships to fund researchers looking to enhance their career development and prospects by working abroad. CREAF, a centre of reference in terrestrial ecology and forestry applications, allows you to work in a first class research environment near the city of Barcelona.

There are two types of Individual Fellowships:



  • For postdoctoral research stays in a EU Member State or an associated country.

  • Last from one to two years.

  • Can help to restart research careers after a break such as parental leave.

  • Can also help reintegrate researchers coming back to Europe.




WHO can apply?

  • Promising researchers from anywhere in the world: all nationalities can apply. 

  • Mobility is a must: you have to come to Europe, move within Europe or move outside of Europe.

  • Experienced researchers only: you will have your doctoral degree or at least four years' full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline.

  • All areas of research.

What can CREAF offer you?

As an applicant

  • We can offer you complete feedback and assessment on your draft proposal.

  • Assessment on administrative and financial aspects.




Application timeline and support for applicants 2019

If you are interested in applying, please contact at your earliest convenience and always before 30 June 2019.

Feedback on the draft proposal (optional). Applicants have the opportunity to send their draft proposal (at least 80% ready) to the CREAF team for feedback. Deadline 30 July 2019

Feedback on part A (optional). The EU team can verify whether the information in part A is complete, competitive and correct. 

Final deadline is 11 September 2019.