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CREAF is a public center for research in terrestrial ecology, global change and the analysis of the territory, that pursues excellence in knowledge generation and transfer, methodology development, innovation, training and dissemination. Our center has more than 160 scientific, technical and administrative staff from different countries, working together for the progress of an environmental research of excellence.

CREAF has received the HR Excellence in Research award from the European Commission, which shows the commitment of our center with the transparency of the recruitment procedures, based on merit and ability, and promoting attractive working conditions, in accordance with the European Charter for Researchers and the European Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers.

CREAF works to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment, to promote equal opportunities and to improve the evaluation procedures.

Offer ID: 16-004-06631
Offer period: 
14 Dec 2016 to 22 Dec 2016


El CREAF precisa incorporar un/a investigador/a de suport al projecte FERTICHAR (“Uso de biochar para la regulación del ciclo del nitrógeno en el suelo y en fertilizantes de nueva generación”, AGL2015-70393-R). La contractació es preveu que comenci el gener del 2017, i finalitzarà quan s’acabin les tasques requerides al contracte, vinculades al projecte. Característiques: categoria I4, investigador/a postdoctoral, segons la classificació professional del CREAF; dedicació a temps parcial (27,5 h/setmana); durada previsiblement fins a 31 de desembre de 2018 (data de fi del projecte). Contracte condicionat a la continuïtat de finançament del projecte esmentat.

Offer ID: 16-003-24642
Offer period: 
1 Dec 2016 to 14 Dec 2016


CREAF needs to incorporate a technical profile to the LIFE project REDCAPACITA2015. The contract is expected to start in January 2017, and will finish at the end of the tasks required for the project. TASKS Definition and implementation of protocols for monitoring forest biodiversity. Design,...

Offer ID: 16-002-29616
Offer period: 
13 Oct 2016 to 20 Oct 2016


CREAF is seeking a coding technician, to join in brief time as a support to the project H2020 ECOPotential (Grant Agreement 641762, funded by the European Commission). The contract is expected to begin during the second half of October 2016, and will end when the tasks of this job, required for the...