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I obtained my BSc in Biology in 2011 at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and my MSc in Terrestrial Ecology in 2012 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have been working on different projects studying forest decline associated with global change, especially mechanisms underlying drought-induced forest die-back events in the Mediterranean region. In 2015, I joined Jordi Martínez-Vilalta and Maurizio Mencuccini’s team to start a PhD at CREAF under their supervision. I enjoy teaching and communicating science to a wide audience and I have been involved in a number of environmental education programmes.

The main goal of my research is to understand the distribution and variability of plant functional traits and their role on forest function and dynamics. Specifically, I aim to integrate hydraulic traits into the functional trait framework, to assess relationships and trade-offs at different ecological scales and to use this information to define  strategies to cope with drought stress and improve the capacity to predict where, and when, changes in forest ecosystem function are likely to occur. 

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