Office: C5b/-124

I did my Ph.D. thesis in the University of Granada, focused on the role of the forest management for the recovery of ecological and biogeochemical functioning of Mediterranean ecosystems affected by wildfires, including vegetation performance and nutritional status, soil C sequestration, microbial activities and organic matter mineralization.

During my first postdoc at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Leipzig, Germany), I worked on the establishment and design of research stations to provide long term data on Carbon cycle and greenhouse gas budgets and perturbations within the framework of the European Research Infraestructure ICOS -“Integrated Carbon Observation Systems”-. I also initiated, during this period, new research lines on the improvement of tree transpiration and water use estimations.

As a postdoctoral fellow (Talent Hub program, Marie Curie actions) at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and University of Granada, I focused on the assessment of climate change and management perturbations on microbial physiology and Carbon sequestration capacity of Subarctic and Mediterranean ecosystems.

My current research at CREAF, funded by a Marie Curie fellowship, will make use of geothermal soil gradients in Iceland to elucidate the warming impacts on the N cycle, C:N stoichiometry and plant-soil interactions using stable isotopes and biotechnology methods.

Currently, I am associate professor in the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology (BAVE) of the UAB, and I teach classes in various subjects of the Grades in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Biology.

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation