Office: C5b/060

I hold a Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication (UPF-BSM, 2017) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology specialized in Plant Biology (UAB, 2016). Also, I am a Superior Technician in Forest and Environmental Management (Institut Rubió i Tudurí, 2011).

I joined the Communication team of CREAF in February 2016 as Technician in Communication in training and since October of the same year I have been part of different citizen science projects to deal with their communication tasks: Natusfera, AlertaForestal, LiquenCity and, currently, RitmeNatura and PhenoTandem.

Fascinated by the functioning of the nature and the universe and how humans are able to understand it, I am passionate about transmiting this knowledge to people, especially through audiovisual aid.

I am also a member of the coordinating team of the Grup de Naturalistes d'Osona (GNO-ICHN) since 2018, member of the board of the Zona Rural Tres Termes homeowners association of Puigsagordi, as well as the Head of the Communication Section and the Nature Section of the Association. Recently, I have been Assistant Producer on the TV series-documentary The Crowd & the Cloud, directed by Geoffrey Haines-Stiles, Senior Producer of the TV series-documentary Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I have collaborated with the Institut Català d'Ornitologia (2010-2014) in different projects such as Ornitho.cat, Atles dels ocells nidificants de Catalunya 1999-2002 and Atles dels ocells de Barcelona 2012-2014, and I have realized its promotional video for the project Ocells dels horts. I have worked in the audiovisual production company of scientific and historical outreach Mercury SGP (Mediapro) (2011) in different projects for the programs Espai Terra and Sense Ficció of the public television channel TV3. Finally, I have also worked in the publishing house Lynx Edicions (2010), specialized in nature and ornithology.