I am PhD in Biological sciences by the Barcelona University (UB) in Spain. Since 2015 I'm a CSIC researcher doing my research at CREAF. I'm an associate reseracher of the CTFC (lluis.brotons@ctfc.cat) and of the Catalan Ornithological Institute (ICO). I have conducted research in leading institutions in Spain, Finland, Canada, Australia and France and I am currently associated editor of Diversity & Distributions, the Ibis and Nature Conservation.
Global change is a combination of rapid environmental changes at the global scale involving significant threats to human societies and ecological systems. Understanding and predicting the impacts of the different components of global change such as climate or land use change and the interactions between them on ecological communities is currently one of the major challenges to science.
The approach that me and my research group are taking aims to cover this need in terrestrial agro-forestry systems andi t is based on the integration of different approaches ranging from ecology, statistical, landscape and species distribution modelling to remote sensing science. Unravelling the causes of past changes in biodiversity patterns under environmental change (land abandonment, landscape fragmentation, climate change, agricultural intensification and changes in the disturbance regimes such as fires) allows the critical and adequate calibration and development of models of future ecosystem response to further change.


Citizen science, Landscape modelling, Decision theory, Ornithology

Global change biology, Mediterranean landscape ecology, Biodiversity monitoring and indicator development, Species distribution modelling development and application, Prioritisation in conservation biology

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation