Office: C5-1104

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the processes that produce and modulate phenotypic and species diversity. Why are there taxonomic groups with so many species and others with so few? Why have some groups attained enormous levels of disparity, while others appear so phenotypically conserved?

These are the main questions that drive my research. To deal with these questions I work at the interface between molecular phylogenetics, ecology and trait evolution and I use statistical modelling to integrate these three components of my research.

During the last years my research mostly focused on the role of the islands and key innovations in the generation of phenotypic and species diversity, working mainly in amphibians and reptiles from regions as diverse as Arabia, Australia , New Zealand, Madagascar or Southeast Asia. Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow (Juan de la Cierva) at Daniel Sol's Lab (CREAF), where I study the macroevolutionary consequences of brain expansion in different bird groups.


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation