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Office: C5b/-148

I am a quantitative ecologist specialized in computational and numeric methods.

My Ph.D. thesis, supervised by Dr. Miguel Araújo and Dr. Roberto Molowny-Horas, focuses on the study of ecological networks in which all five interaction types (amensalism, antagonism, commensalism, competition and mutualism) are represented. This vision of ecological networks is in stark contrast with the prevailing representation of communities as networks of a single type (usually food webs or mutalistic networks). Based on this framework of multi-interaction networks, I study the influence of several structural and environmental factors on network stability using mathematical models and time series of macroinvertebrate communities. In addition, I am interested in considering ecological interactions from the perspective of neutral theory, and to what extent the assumption of neutrality regarding pairwise interactions holds in empirical communities.

Previously and in parallel to my Ph.D. thesis, I have studied population dynamic models applied to tree species and also the relationship between complexity and predictive power in correlative species distribution models.

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation