Carlos Palacín

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Office: C5b/-152

I graduated with a Degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona (UB, 2009) and a Master’s Degree in Fundamental and Applied Ecology from the University of Barcelona and University of Girona (UB & UdG, 2010).

In 2012 I started a PhD. about the denitrification in mountain lakes of the Pyrenees supervised by Jordi Catalan. I obtained a FI-DGR grant (then replaced by a FPU grant in 2013). 

Increased nitrogen deposition is affecting biogeochemical cycling and biota in high-altitude oligotrophic lakes in mountain areas on the northern hemisphere. In the Pyrenees, the amount of reactive nitrogen has been increasing since the 1980’s, but the potential for nitrogen transformations and its return to the atmosphere via denitrification in these mountain lakes are poorly understood. So the main goal of my PhD. is to characterize the denitrification activity and its drivers in the benthic habitats (epilithic and sediment biofilms) of the Pyrenean mountain lakes. I am also interested in the genetic potentials and the expression of functional genes of denitrification and other processes of the nitrogen cycle (nitrification, dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium or DNRA, and anammox) in these habitats. 


Limnology, Biogeodynamics, Ecology of Global Change, Mountain lakes, Biogeochemistry, nitrogen cycle, Denitrification.