Office: C5b/-108

As a Master student in the USA (UC Davis), I worked on modelling heatwaves with a regional weather model with a focus on the role of soil moisture in heatwave modelling thanks to my integration in the NASA Graduate Student Summer Program for which I spent two months at NASA GSFC.

During my PhD, in which I calibrated an LSM for a sugarcane crop, my first results showed the limits of the usual calibration techniques. I decided that I needed to shift the project towards a parameter sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. My main finding from that analysis was that parameters were at the origin of about 30 % of the uncertainty in biomass simulations, with large variability correlated with climatic variables. This work eventually led to my current interest in trait modelling. During my subsequent post-doc I was trained in forest science, being responsible for development of an empirical model of the forest resources of France. I also participated actively in the group effort to develop the ORCHIDEE-Can model, an enhanced version of the process-based ORCHIDEE model adjusted to include forest characteristics necessary to simulate interactions of forest management and climate.

Since 2014 I am associate expert for the Carbon Forest and Wood Club of the think tank I4CE Paris providing expertise on forest and climate sciences relevant to stakeholders and policymakers.

I joined the CREAF as a Marie Curie fellow (individual fellowship) for the exciting project M-TRAIT. This project I am leading aims at developing a trait-based approach for tree hydraulics applicable to land surface models to simulate the physiological response of forests to more frequent droughts in the future.


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation