Office: C5/1114

I am an Agricultural Engineer (2002, University of Bologna, Italy), PhD in Agricultural Economics (2007, University of Bologna, Italy) and McS in Integrated Water Management (2008, University of Zaragoza, Spain).

Since 2008, I am a consultant on water management policy analysis and participatory governance practices in Spanish and European context, allowing building up a strong knowledge basis on legislative, economic, environmental and social aspects of water management.

President of the Catalonian Network for a New Water Culture and an active member of the European Water Movement, she has senior field expertise collaborating with citizen initiatives and NGO advocacy at local, national and international level, with a particular interest in the Mediterranean region.

Since 2013, I am a member of the Water and Global Change Research team, with whom I developed the BeWater project (FP7 Science in Society) as case study responsible, elaborating a participatory adaptation plan for the Tordera river basin. We continued to work in the basin to implement the actions identified in BeWater, such as improving governance for  dealing with the impacts of climate change in the Tordera Delta, thanks to the ISACC TorDelta project (Ministry of Ecological Transition through the Biodiversity Foundation ).

Currently, I am also involved in the CLISWELN project (JPI Climate) where we work on the relationships between water, food, energy and climate, with the objective of improving the information at hand to make management decisions, and FASTER project, a Twinning experience with INRGREF Tunisia, where I’m responsable for the creation of a Living Lab with practitioners form the agricultural sector.




Water management. Governance - Conflicts - Economy - Policy - Water-food and energy policies and practices. Adaptation to global change. 


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation