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Office: C5/1110
I am Professor Titular d'Universitat at the Ecology Department, University of Barcelona (UB) and CREAF researcher. Since February 2008 Deputy director of the Ecology Department (UB).
Ph D in Biology (1993), Ecology programme (UB). My research interests are focused on the study of forest structure and functioning, carbon, water and nutrient balances, as well as ecophysiological responses of forests to climate change, drought, forest fires and forest management. I have established and currently running different experimental sites to evaluate responses of Mediterranean forests to disturbances, such as forest fires and management, as well as to water and nutrient availability.
I am co-author of the process based model GOTILWA+. This model simulates forest growth under different scenarios of management and environmental conditions (including climate change scenarios). I have contributed and currently contributing to several research projects, both at European and National level.  I have been Principal Investigator of the EU projects El NIÑO, ATEAM, GREENCYCLES, GREENCYCLES II, CLIMSAVE, coordinator and PI of two INIA National-funded projects and the current National-funded project MEDFORESTREAM. These projects analyse the effects of environmental changes, including climate change, on forests, and explore management options for reducing their impacts.



Forest Ecophysiology and functioning including the interactions with environmental conditions, Dynamics of carbon water and nutrient stocks in forest ecosystems, Effects of disturbances on forests structure and their dynamics

Reserves and flows of carbon and nutrients , Hydrological resources in terrestrial ecosystems, Forest management and conservation

Modelling forest ecosystems functioning, Systems to measure carbon fluxes in terrestrial Ecosystems.

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation