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Rafael Poyatos López

Postdoctoral researcher
Office: C5/1120

I have a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences (UAB, 2002) and a PhD in Biology (UB, 2006). I did my PhD research at the Surface Hydrology and Erosion Research Group, now at IDAEA-CSIC. I have carried out my postdoctoral research at Solfranc Tecnologías (2007-2008), at Durham University (UK, 2008-2009) and at CREAF (since 2009).

Most of my research is focused on plant physiological ecology and ecosystem functional ecology, largely water and carbon cycling. I study the hydroclimatic responses of different ecophysiological processes (transpiration, photosynthesis, respiration, growth), addressing the underlying mechanisms, the patterns associated with intra- and interspecific variability and the consequences for ecosystem functioning,

My research is mainly field-based, with an important instrumental component (hydroclimatic measurements, sap flow, gas exchange, hydraulics). I have worked in mediterranean and mountain ecosystems, crops and forest plantations and in sub-arctic woodlands and tundra. Recently, I have also started to work with large ecological databases, such as the IEFC. At the moment I coordinate the SAPFLUXNET project, where we will compile the first global database of transpiration at the individual level, derived from sap flow measurements.


  • Physiological ecology of plants and ecosystems.
  • Water and carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Drought responses of plants and ecosystems.
  • Management of ecological data: from field measurements to databases.



Recent publications