Mireia Bartrons

Post-doctoral researcher
CREAF member until 2015
Office: C5-1104

I'm interested in the study of terrestrial and aquatic food webs, specifically in the use of organic compounds, such as organic pollutants, as ecological tracers to characterize some food web processes.

I finished a three year postdoctoral stay at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) collaborating with Anthony R Ives, M Jake Vander Zanden and Claudio Gratton, together with an interdisciplinary team from UW-Madison and University of Iceland. I studied cross-habitat linkages at the landscape and community level to develop a more complete understanding of ecosystem structure and flows.

I received my PhD at the University of Barcelona, under the supervision of Jordi Catalan and Joan O Grimalt. I studied the bioaccumulation of organohalogenated compounds in high mountain lake food webs. This thesis won the award to the best PhD during the Biennial 2008-2010 by the Iberian Society of Limnology. 

Mireia Bartrons publications list (ORCID)