Mariona Ferrandiz Rovira

Postdoctoral researcher
Office: C5b/058

PhD in Population Ecology at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL, 2015). I currently have a post-doctoral position at CREAF as a researcher and at UAB as a lecturer. 

My thesis was focused on the study of the role of the Major Histocompatibilat Complex (MHC) in the wild using the alpine marmot (Marmota marmota) as a biological model. This thesis had as a main objective the understanding of the causes and consequences of the genetic diversity of the MHC, an important field of research in evolutionary biology, ecology, epidemiology and conservation. To carry out this thesis I reliably sequenced a large number of individuals (> 1000) at 4 MHC loci using next generation sequencing techniques and I developed a free software and available online that can be used for almost any biological model and genetic system.

I am currently still working with the alpine marmot but I would also add other biological models to my research such as the gray dormouse (I), mammals in general (for inter-specific studies) and insects.


  1. Evolutionary Ecology
  2. Sexual selection
  3. Mate choice
  4. Phylogenetic analysis
  5. Behavioural ecology
  6. Next generation sequencing
  7. Paleogenomics
  8. Landscape genetics

Recent publications