Marc Estiarte Garrofé

Office: C5/1074
Marc Estiarte has a PhD in biology from the Universitat de Barcelona (1996). He is a member of the Global Ecology Unit CREAF-CEAB-CSIC.
He did his PhD on the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on vegetation, especially on the chemical composition of plants. Today, through experimental manipulation of temperature and precipitation in Mediterranean shrublands, he is studying the effects of climate change on these ecosystems. He is conducting studies of ecophysiology (water relations) and phenology (growth, flowering) at plant level, especially the effects of drought. In the field of biogeochemistry of shrublands he is studying aspects that influence the interaction between ecosystems and the atmosphere linked to the carbon cycle (CO2 and CH4 fluxes from soil and plant productivity) and nitrogen (mineralization).
He has participated in several scientific projects subsidized by Catalan, Spanish, and European government agencies. He collaborates in the evaluation and review of articles for various scientific journals. He has published 60 articles in journals from the Science Citation Index.


Reserves and flows of carbon and nutrients , Interactions between the atmosphere and ecosytems, Phenology and species distribution

Recent publications