Office: C5/1106

I am Biologist and I have a MSc and PhD in Ecology. My broad research interests are in plant-soil-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks. I am particularly interested in plant-soil relationships as drivers of biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystems and the effects of global changes on these relationships. 

During my PhD and postdoc I studied the exchange of CO2 and biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) between soils and the atmosphere in different ecosystems. The overall aim was to address the impact of soil-litter BVOCs on atmospheric chemistry and soil ecology and to investigate their responses to the drier and warmer climatic conditions expected in the Mediterranean region. 

Currently I am very interested into understand the role of plants in the formation, functioning and stoichiometry of soil microbial communities, and therefore on soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous dynamics. My current research involves laboratory experiments where we study short- and long-term carbon allocation dynamics in the plant-soil system and their responses to drought, using stable isotope techniques to follow the transfer of carbon from the plant to the soil, and field experiments where we study the responses of soil microbial activity to nitrogen fertilization, drought and warming in Mediterranean ecosystems


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation