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I have a bachelor degree in Forestry (University of Lleida, Spain) and a PhD in Forest Ecology (University of Clermont-Ferrand, France). At present I am full-time researcher at the Forest Functioning and Dynamics group of the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC). Since 2012 I also hold and associate research position at the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF).

My research interests focus on the analysis of the main factors driving forest dynamics and thestudy of the capacity of forest ecosystems to respond to change. In this general context I am developing a set of studies at various scales (from the landscape to the species level) that include: (i) the characterization of the mechanisms that modulate mountain forest resilience to natural and anthropogenic disturbances, (ii) the analysis of the main biotic and abiotic factors driving mixed-forest dynamics and (iii) the assessment of the adaptive capacity of forest species to changing environmental conditions.During these last years I have participated in different national and international research projects in the course of which I have developed active collaborations with researchers from other institutions and I am since 2015 associate researcher of the Centre for Forest Research from Québec (Canada).

I am member of the Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed journals European Journal of ForestResearch and Canadian Journal of Forest Research.



Forest resilience and post-disturbance dynamics, mixed-forest functioning and evolution, spatial patterns and drivers of forest expansion, adaptive forest management

Forest dynamics and global change, Mixed forests, Forest resilence, Adaptive silviculture

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation