Office: C5b/030
He is a professor of soil science and agricultural chemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
His research has focused on the study of soil organic matter, especially humic substances, and the application of organic wastes to regenerate degraded soils. He has worked in the potential use of sewage sludge and composts in the rehabilitation of quarries and denuded land. He has also investigated the risks of contamination associated with those organic residues and their effects on soil biological activity. Nowadays is interested in understanding the mechanisms of stabilization of organic C in soils and for different ways to sequester C in a stable manner, as the use of biochar (biochar).



Study of the soil processes, The role of soils in global change, New technologies for the study of soils

Interactions of native and exogenous organic matter with the soil components and soil structure, Carbon sequestration in the soil using residual or waste biomass and biochar (biochar), Effects of organic wastes application on soil biological activity and soil organisms.

Soil protection and ecological restoration, Rehabilitation of degraded lands, Development of procedures for environmental assessment of the ecological restorations, Use of organic wastes in the rehabilitation of degraded lands, Technosols design