Josep Barba
Office: C5b/-156

I have a BSc degree in Biology (University of Barcelona, 2009), and a PhD in Biology (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2015). I did my PhD research at CREAF.

My research is mainly focused on understanding the plant-and-soil interactions, emphasizing the below-ground component. I have studied soil respiration (both autotrophic and heterotrophic fluxes) and their dependency on environmental conditions and plant photosynthetic activity. I also have worked on the role of soil microbial communities on litter decomposition. I performed these studies in order to understand how forests cope to drought-induced die-off events, and which impacts could these events have in the soil functioning. 



Soil respiration and soil biogeochemical cycles. Physiological ecology of plants and ecosystems. Drought responses of plants and ecosystems. Plant and ecosystem resilience mechanisms.

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation