Office: C5/1074

PhD in Biology, I am the research coordinator of CREAF. I am thus involved in promoting research collaboration within the centre, project and tender development, evaluation and coordination advice, and networking with national and international research centres, SMEs, NGOs and governmental bodies.

I am also interested in international cooperation and and I was PI of the project MENFRI (EC, INCO; on boosting Mediterranean forestry innovation), which resulted in a current NGO, the NODE, that forge ground-breaking partnerships to overcome complex challenges to development.

I had participated in other CREAF projects on forests resilience and management under global change since the project MONTES-Consolider, where I reinforced my experience as coordinator gained as postdoc in the CEF-UQAM, Canada. There I also persevered with my principal line of research about ecosystems temporal variations and spatial heterogeneity.

By means of different soil invertebrate communities, I has studied (and still tries to understand) the dynamics of Spanish steppes and forests, New Zealand forests, and Canadian forests and agroecosystems. My research has led to several talks and publications, as scientific as to a broader audience, at the national and international level.


Ecosystem dynamics, Spatial heterogeneity

Global change, Insects ecology

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation