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Bernat Claramunt López

Office: C5b/016
I am lecturer of Ecology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and researcher at the CREAF

My PhD was focused on the study of the fine roots dynamics in Mediterranean oak forests.

Later, my post-doctoral contracts focused on the field of fine roots (CEFE-CNRS) and dendrochronology (CREAF), studying the effects of the ENSO on the dynamics and growth of semiarid communities of South America. Also South-America America, I was the principal investigator of a Fundación BBVA project aimed at assessing the social, economic and natural impacts of the increasing cultivation of soybean in the Argentine Dry Chaco.

Currently, my research focuses on community ecology, especially in mountain systems, and citizen science projects. I study ecological networks, their resistance to invasive species, and the effects of global change on their interactions. For years, I have led a capture-mark-recapture program on a population of alpine marmots in the Pyrenees. Currently, I also coordinate citizen science project in the Pyrenees funded by the Earthwatch Institute. Finally, I am working on the development of digital platforms to enter locations of species and DIY technologies for citizen science projects



Ecological networks and global change, biodiversity of alpine systems, introduced and invasive species, effects of socioeconomic changes on biodiversity

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