Anabel Sánchez Plaza

Office: C5/1112

I’m a biologist (UB, 1997) working at CREAF as research technical staff since 1996.

Since 1998 I’ve worked developing and applying GOTILWA+, a forest growth simulation model. I’ve been involved in national (MONTES, MEDFORESTREAM) and European (ATEAM, SilviStrat, CARBO-INVENT, CCTAME, MOTIVE,  CLIMSAVE) projects aiming at quantifying carbon and water balances in Mediterranean an European forests and assessing the impacts (drought, fire) of Climate Change on forest ecosystem services and their vulnerability. I’ve also been implicated in identifying adaptive forest management strategies working closely with the forest sector stakeholders. 

At present, I’m involved in water vulnerability assessment and global change adaptations. Currently, I collaborate in LIFE+ MEDACC project and I coordinate BeWater project (FP7 Science in Society).

Recent publications