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Project duration: 
Apr 2019 to Nov 2019

The OGC Innovation Program provides a venue for using initiatives to advance solutions to data challenges through using open standards.


Testbeds are OGC's largest initiatives, averaging US $3 Million in sponsor funding. Testbed 15 was sponsored by 7 organizations. In addition to creating new standards, testbeds provide a unique platform where sponsors can outsource the rapid generation of prototypes and test environments with a number of leading organizations in their field. Testbeds result in more than just new and updated standards: outcomes include guides, overviews, and best practices for solving leading-edge geospatial problems. The interoperability experiment is organized in 6 threads Data Centric Security, Delta Updates, Eopad, Federated Cloud Analytics, Machine Learning  and Open Portrayal. CREAF participation is limited to Open Portrayal thread.


In this edition CREAF will compose a complete modular WMTS 2.0 draft in close collaboration with the WMS.SWG that covers the following items: Modular specification with clear requirements list; OpenAPI web interface; Better support for styles; Support for JSON encodings; Integration with other standards; Support for multiple tiles (this aspect was already addressed by 16-049r1 Testbed-12 Multi-Tile Retrieval ER; and Integration with WMS.
CREAF will also provide an extension to WMTS  2.0 draft in close collaboration with the WMS.SWG that includes suport for Open  API  wiht inclusion  of  INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operation in the APIs.