OGC Testbed 14 MapML
Project duration: 
Apr 2018 to Dec 2018

Testbed 14 is the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)'s 100th initiative to deliver prototypes and test environaments for the development of new standards and architectures in geospatial information.


The OGC Innovation Program provides a venue for using initiatives to advance solutions to data challenges through using open standards. Testbeds are OGC's largest initiatives, averaging US $3 Million in sponsor funding. Testbed 14 was sponsored by 12 organizations from 5 countries, and brought together more than 200 individuals from 60 organizations. In addition to creating new standards, testbeds provide a unique platform where sponsors can outsource the rapid generation of prototypes and test environments with a number of leading organizations in their field. Testbeds result in more than just new and updated standards: outcomes include guides, overviews, and best practices for solving leading-edge geospatial problems. 

Map Markup Language (MapML) is a text format for encoding map information for the World Wide Web. The objective of MapML is to allow Web-based user agent software (web browsers) to display and edit maps and map data without necessary programing in JavaScript or other. CREAF will contribute with a study describing MapML format and suggesting modifications to align the current draft to the OGC baseline. It will also document the experiences collected by the implementors of clients and services using MapML.